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Hello and welcome to Kamen, a fanlisting and fansite for the Vizard of Kubo Tite's anime-manga series Bleach, listed at the AnimeFanlisting.org. Are you a fan of these crazy shinigami with hollow abilities? If the answer is yes then please consider joining their fanlisting today!

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Manual Updates

December 11th, 2009
There have been a lot of interesting developments in the manga as of late, with regards to Vizard. I need to get caught back up with the manga scans, however that is not a pressing matter at the moment.

More importantly, I have updated the What is a Vizard? and Who are the Vizard? pages so that they have more currnet information. I am trying to keep spoilers to a miniumum on these pages, but honestly, it is difficult. You may notice an entire section missing from the "W.I.A.V" page, have no fear, it was intentional. There was no way to leave the Statistics section on that page intact without full-blown spoilers or so much missing information that it looked stupid. I plan on adding another section to the Vizard section that will be called "The Other Vizard" which will include information on characters, such as Ichigo, who have been revealed to be Vizards as well, just not Vizards necessarily closely associated (or associated at all) with the core group. That page will, needless to say, be a full-blown for most and will be marked as such.

I've also taken the time to mark whether or not a page contains spoilers and their severity next to each navigational link in the Vizard section. To be blunt, if you hate spoilers and are stupid enough to click through to the individual pages regardless you're a moron and I will only laugh if you bother to email me complaining about the spoilers.

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