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 Author: L.J. Smith Character: Ash Redfern Character: Damon Salvaotore (The Vampire Diaries) Character: Gabriel Wolfe (Dark Visions Trilogy) Character: Meredith Sulez (The Vampire Diaries) Character: Nick Armstrong (The Secret Circle) Character: Night World Characters Episode: 1.01 - Pilot (The Vampire Diaries) Episode: 1.13 - Children of the Damned (The Vampire Diaries) Episode: 1.13 - Medallion (The Secret Circle) Episode: 1.14 - Valentine (The Secret Circle) Mercy Thompson: Mercedes Thompson & Adam Hauptman Night World Information Collective Night World: Daughters of Darkness by L.J. Smith Nightworld: Witchlight by L.J. Smith Series: Night World Series: The Secret Circle Trilogy by L.J. Smith The Vampire Diaries (television series) Twilight Series: Aro Twilight Series: Victoria Websites: Vampire-Diaries.Net Werewolf Character Fanlisting


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