Head First: the Asou Yuuya & Kotobuki Ran Fanlisting


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 Aitsu (opening theme) Anime Haters/Bashers Hatelisting GALS!/Super GALS! Kotobuki Ran Honda Mami Super GALS! Kotobuki Ran


This fanlisting was approved on April 8th of 2006. Work on Head First began almost immediately there after and was officially oppened on April 10th, 2006. Head First is a part of the Fanatic Otaku network, and is a Nanashi-Inc production.


Layout version 1.0 features screen caps taken from episode number 10 entitled Second-Place Yuuya? He's First-Place Nervous! A Rival Appears!. Images were screen capped by yours truly using Windows Media Player. Graphics and codes were created using Adobe Photoshop CS, brushes used were downloaded from Void Brushes and Free and Original PS Brushes. The fonts used on the graphics are Baby Kruffy and 04b, the layout uses Verdana.

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