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Hello and welcome to Elegance, the only fanlisting (and small fanshrine) for Dorothy Catalonia of Shin Kidou Senki Gundam W/Gundam Wing listed at The If you are a fan Miss Catalonia, you are highly encouraged to join her fanlisting today! If you have a website, we also have some shiny codes for you to link back with. ^_^

To navigate this site, just click on faces above the site's title. This site is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox and only looks slightly off in Internet Explorer.

Elegance is Dorothy Approved!

Manual Updates

January 3, 2010
Just jumping in here with a quick update for the new year! As promised, I have created some more new codes for the fanlisting. Sixteen new codes to be exact. Enjoy! Codes added were:

December 29, 2009
Oh me, oh my. Would you look at that, Elegance is sporting a new look! To be honest the graphics in the last layout were making me cringe and the coding was bleh. In short, the fanlisting was in desperate need of a new look and now it has it! I'm still tinkering around with things and making sure everything looks ok, so if you find any errors, please let me know. Right now though, I'm off to bed!

I've also redone the old codes and added 8 new codes as well. Enjoy!


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